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Hurricane Irene   13 comments

I’ve been hearing about the  hurricane along the  east coast and I’m not happy about it. I think hurricanes are very annoying and useless. Especially when they get close to where I live ( Pennsylvania). I don’t live where Hurricane Irene is gonna hit the  hardest (New Jersey) , but I’ll still be affected by it. Will probably only get rain but that’s not the point.  Hurricanes destroy property ( can be replaced most of the time ) if they’re really powerful they have the  potential to kill people (Hurricane Katrina, 2005). Lucky for us Hurricane Irene is only a  category 2 and will become a  category 1 when it gets closer to Philadelphia.  Hopefully it won’t get any stronger. Hopefully there won’t be any power outages either. Too hot to not have and fans,or electricity for that matter. GO AWAY IRENE!


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