My Pet Peeves!   Leave a comment

  1. People who chew gum like  a cow
  2. people who talk loud in quiet places (library,movies, study areas)
  3. telemarketers
  4. when someone tells me to call them right  back and then they don’t pick up their  phone
  5. being on hold for  more than 10 mins
  6. elevator music (why isn’t there ever GOOD elevator  music)
  7. liars
  8. cheaters
  9. people who try to make others feel bad because they feel crappy about themselves
  10. playing crappy music on phones in public (earphones were made  for  a reason)
  11. trouble makers
  12. fake friends
  13. seeing guys underwear cause they’re not wearing a  belt
  14. conceited people
  15. people who don’t clean up their dog’s poop
  16. rude bus drivers
  17. parents who let their kids do whatever they want
  18. parents who abandon their kids
  19. people who put their phones on speaker ( I don’t want to hear your convo)
  20. fake eyelashes ( you’re not fooling anyone with those 5 inch things )
  21. getting woke up when I’m sleeping
  22.  slow walkers ( don’t mean just the  elderly)
  23. people who think they know everything and  have to always be  right
  24. people who don’t know the  difference between constructive criticism and  rudeness

Posted 12/09/2010 by Renee Firebrand

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